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Where can i learn snake style kung fu in chattanoga by a teacher in classes not online?

i want to learn all the technices becuse it may be cool but i am very serious about learning so i want a very good teacher because i plan to take it proffesional and if i do good in snake style i will try others until i am a master of all or abonch of styles and teach it to others about the styles there roots and how to they should use it by knowing the write time to use it.

Where can i learn snake style kung fu in chattanoga by a teacher in classes not online?
Contact Yeu Quang Wong . He is a well respected teacher of Bai Mei Shaolin Kung-fu and is also a a certified doctor in Traditional Chinese Medical Doctor.

He will be able to give you personal names of good teachers that teach the Snake Boxing or shéquán; literally "snake fist"in


Dr. Yeu Quang Wong .

You can contact him at :

4502 Bennett Rd

Chattanooga, TN 37412

(423) 867-1449

Where to learn Drunken Kung Fu?

I live in Ireland, and wanna learn Drunken Kung Fu, any classes in Ireland? Also, anywhere in Europe?

Where to learn Drunken Kung Fu?
Drunken isn't a style all to its self, it is part of a system that also incorrporates other styles of the system. Most times Drunken is an advanced level (also know as bending grass, or ocean waves, to seperate its self from being in a drunken stupor) only taught after the student proves themself profecient in the basics (some schools won't even tell you there advanced styles such as drunken, buda palm, or mantis). Kung fu styles that deffinantly don't have it include Hung Gar, Wing chun, and Hung Fa Yi. Stay northern kung fu, you'll get luckier.
Reply:Lol it's IRELAND, you just need to get to the pub and slam a few drinks and skulls and you get a quick lesson. One would think you could use the o-so-powerful yahoo search engine to find one or at least find a search engine that can.
Reply:It is a Wushu style.

It'd be very difficult to find a wushu master who knows Zui Quan let alone one who will teach it. live in the right country to practice that style.

Now that I'm kicked out of the Mafia. Should I join a Kung Fu class? learn to protect myself. Or should I just buy a bigger gun?

Now that I'm kicked out of the Mafia. Should I join a Kung Fu class?
Here's what I learned in my Mafia days, If you have a bigger gun you'll always win (of course you will have to buy the illegal bullets from the MOB) So just join the class
Reply:Buy a bigger that's funny...No, really you should learn the art of self defense.
Reply:hire me
Reply:i think kung fu is hotter! gun's suck! use your hands!
Reply:Bigger always works for me. :)
Reply:you should join a witness protection program
Reply:Kung Fu for sure. Then buy a gun just in case things get too hot...
Reply:I would advise both - the gun and the class.
Reply:a bigger gun
Reply:Kung fu class. You might forget and leave your gun home some day.
Reply:Better join witness protection program!

But that didn't help Hoffa did it? LMAO!

Reply:Just get Harry Potter's Cloak of Invisibilty %26amp; whip it out when ever danger is near!.
Reply:I'll teach you what i know...
Reply:bullets are better than hands.
Reply:Kung Ku and a bigger gun then take over the Mafia~
Reply:buy a bigger gun, join the Kung Fu Class, and get a rope.

Or, just Hire Morg for personal services
Reply:Kung Fu.. coz you cannot use your bigger gun in tight places =)

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Does anybody know a good Kung Fu class in the (818) area code?

If not, can you please give me a good class of tae kwon do? (price to if possible)

Does anybody know a good Kung Fu class in the (818) area code?
Flip 'N Kick by Erik Betts. He the best as far as I know. PLus Its my uncle.

I've just started taking up Kung Fu?

I just started my Kung Fu class and i'm really sore. I know its pretty typical to be sore after doing so much but i just wanted to know if anyone knew any helpful things i should practice to help me get more flexible and build my stamina.

I've just started taking up Kung Fu?
Well you being sore after class just means you worked hard :) Thats good !

Well....after your workout fill your tub with COLD COLD COLD ICY water and stay in there for at least 15 minutes. The Cold Icy water will help your mustles recover much much fast. ( It WILL hurt at first, but then your go numb, thats what you want !)

And just keep training, push and push and push. The harder your push everyday then you will build your stamina. If you can only for for 20 minutes straght then the next day for for 25 min, then next day 30 min so on and so on...

To get flexible just keep at the Kung Fu...I took Kung Fu for 2 years and I trained with a Shaolin Monk in Edmonton, and you just need to keep and it and your body WILL losen up, Good luck and good day !!!
Reply:Practice, practice, practice! Stretch, eat well and do cardio. Most importantly, do not quit. It will get better and so will you. My 9 year old daughter has been taking Kung Fu for two years and she's breaking boards and BRICKS! I am so proud of her!
Reply:For the soreness, i suggest aspirin and/or a hot water bottle...either that or steroids ;)
Reply:What ever you not take a day off right now. Train just as hard as you did before you were sore. It will make the pain go away faster and you will recover faster from fatigue in the long run. Keep at it and you will do better and better physically and with technique every time!

The worst thing to do (unless it is a severe injury) is to take time off and "baby" the injury. That's what makes it stiff and hard to "work out" when you return to training.
Reply:Sounds like you are talking about muscle soreness. Aspirin will do nothing for you, anti inflammatories will do little, rest, stretching, and good sleep will help you out tremendously.

Also keeping up with it will mean you will be less and less sore in between workouts.

Helpful things regarding flexibility, look into PNF Stretching.

Also Yoga is great for gaining flexibility.

More importantly though is to keep doing it, you will gain the flexibility and stamina for Kung Fu by doing more Kung Fu.

However I would urge you to not follow the advice of continuing to exercise or work and "injury", you will destroy yourself if you do that, that is honestly the most ridiculous advice I have read.

Being sore is one thing, rest, sleep, and time will fix that. Don't over do it, and taking a day or two off while you adjust is just fine. You are sore because you have developed microtears in your muscles, given time, rest, and proper nutrition, they repair themselves, become more dense and stronger. But they need time to repair themselves, working out while incredibly sore does not gain you anything, aside from a few burned calories. It doesn't make you any stronger, and it inhibits your muscular growth.

So if you are incredibly sore, take a night off. Ensure you intake plenty of protein, and eat some bananas for potassium.

Take it easy, as your body adjusts increase your intensity and activity level. You are less likely to burn out or hurt yourself that way. Stretch at least twice a day, especially when you are sore. Stamina will increase with further exercise, and Kung Fu will definately help. Running, and other Cardio exercises will greatly help as well.

Good luck, and feel free to message me if I can be of any further help.
Reply:Start doing yoga. It helps flexibility a great deal and the unfortunate reality is that you will learn as much self defense from a yoga video as you will from kung fu classes. When your contract runs up you should really think about joining a BJJ, Kickboxing, Muay Thai, or MMA gym. Also, the potassium in bananas are a good natural remedy for soreness (potassium breaks up the lactic acid that is causing your soreness).
Reply:Keep training. There are no shortcuts.

Kung Fu - Iron Body Training...?


I was wondering if somebody knows about some iron body

exercises that I could practise to make my body harder?

I am going to Kung Fu classes, but we are not learning iron body

exercises there.

(sry for my bad english.)

Kung Fu - Iron Body Training...?
I used to do iron palm training.

It consisted of setting up a small square bag that resembled a little pillow onto a square shaped table that was just a little wider than the bag. The bag would initially be filled with mung beans because, apparently, they have medicinal value. I would strike this bag in five hit sequences, and if done properly, the sound of the impact with the small table would create a "popping" sound, almost as if I were striking something hollow. This is all done in proper stance as well. Once five blows were completed on one side, switch stances and do the five hit sequence on the other. This was repeated for me for about 45 minutes or so at a time. Very boring. Eventually, the bag was filled with sand, then small rocks, and finally iron pellets and/or BB's.

I have heard rumors that if this is done improperly, it would result in the practitioner (if male) growing sterile, but I believe this just a scare tactic to dissuade potential students from practicing alone or without proper instruction.

Oh, and dit dut jow (sp?) and wood lock oil was used before hand.
Reply:We kick each other on the stomak, tighs, hit elbows

thats about all i do in my class

at home when i can i hit my knees with metal nunchuks ntil i cant take it to make it stronger, and punch the light pole as much as i can
Reply:Golden Bell training is what you want to find out about. Iron Shirt + Turtle's Back = golden bell. You don't do this without an instructor. Originally you would punch your own stomach, coupled with breathing and timed muscle flexing, then move up to a wooden mallet, then an iron hammer, and sleep on a hard surfaces, with a weight on your stomach, and you close off many accupuncture points to become less vulnerable to penetrating chi attacks. Like everything, it's a double edged sword.

If you want something practical that you can do safely, have a partner bounce a medicine ball off of your abs as you take various stances, do stomach crunches while they hit you with the ball, etc. Learn to expell your breath and flex your muscles in time with the hit. Toughens you up immensely and is great for turbocharging your core strength. Start with a lighter weight ball, or even a volleyball, and work your way up.

If you can find an instructor to train you in Golden Bell, more power to you. But don't mess with home training. It's much more intensive and risky than iron palm.


Don't hit your knees or shins with anything metal unless you enjoy the prospect of blood clots forming and chronic injuries later in life. If you want to toughen the legs, rub up and down your shins with a piece of bamboo or other smooth round stick. There is a fallacy propagated about Muay Thai practitioners kicking trees to gain strength, this is only partially true - they kicked banana trees, which are flexible and similar in flexion to a human body. Do not kick or punch solid objects if you intend to practice your art for many years.
Reply:roll bottles or round stick down your shin. Start with bean filled bags, hitting them after the beans become dust move to round pebbles then move to ball bearings. Put them in various size bags. can use them on any part of your body. Trees and other hard surfaces like walls etc. are good to use as well. This, of course, is only the physical aspect of it. Fill a bag with dry cement. Hit it every day, after a while it'll start to get hard. Water will get in and start to harden the powderd cement. Soon you'll be pounding away at solid cement.
Reply:Don't grind the stick down your shin if you have hairy legs....

Found this out the hard way, the friction takes off the hair and you have a nice hairless line down the middle of your shin. lol

I wasn't paying attention when I was doing this, I was watching tv. It was summer too, so I got a question or two. lol

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Kung fu in east ham?

where can i a 15yr(16 in sep)start going kung fu classes in east ham

Kung fu in east ham?
Try these. You can also look in the yellow pages phone book, local community/leisure centre etc. Good luck!
Reply:You should really look for a better kung fu class then the one he listed. Kung Fu is one of the hardest arts to become skilled at (which gives it a bad name because alot of people cant become proficiant at it for this reason). In order to become a kung fu master you need to train 3 hours a day for about 10-20 years depending on age and natural skill. Thats the very minimum. However if you just want to become a good fighter you could train for 2 hours a day 5 times a week and try to get a little extra in when you can. Odds are you dont have the time for this and most people arent willing to make time like I am so you may want to try something easier to get good at like karate.
Reply:Keep your options open - if you change classes often enough you can save a small fortune in entrance fees, that is 'if' you are getting the first class or two for free. Take the free class then move on. Stereo typical Scot some might say but you will spend plenty in your martial arts career